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Motorola i885 on Boost Mobile

If you are commitment phobic and hate getting tied up with any one mobile company, then do check out the new offer by Boost Mobile. The company is playing Santa by launching a new premium pay-as-you-go all-inclusive holiday package which includes the Motorola i885 handset and 10$ worth of Boost Mobile pay-as-you-go service. Thus on purchase of this service one can immediately start using the mobile phone.
The Motorola i885 handset which is offered by Boost also looks pretty promising and will appeal to all the Gen X. The handset includes a MP3 Player and features real music ringtones, 2.0 megapixel camera with flash, video recorder, internal and external color display with picture Caller ID, backlit chirp button, IM and multi media messaging, speakerphone and text-to-speech contact list.
Boost Mobile also hopes to 'boost" it sales by offering competitive peak and off-peak rates to their targeted group. Calls rates are 20 cents per minute Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., and 10 cents per minute after 9 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends (long distance calling and roaming included). The package also includes unlimited Nationwide Boost™ Walkie-Talkie to Boost Mobile and Nextel customers for a $1 per day whenever the service is used. The Motorola i885 handset is available now for $349.99 and for more info go here

Sprint Announces Upcoming Availability of MOTOKRZR™, MOTORAZR™ AND MOTOSLVR™

Sprint mobile phone carrier has long been on the forefront of supporting diverse options for its subscribers. Now Sprint has announced the upcoming availability of the MOTOKRZR™, MOTORAZR™ AND MOTOSLVR™ Motorola phones with Advanced Power Vision Capabilities on its network. Sprint will be the only carrier to offer Motorola's popular trio of devices on a high-speed EVDO network with exclusive content and live television with broadband speeds.
Selected phones will operate on Sprint's Power Vision(SM) Network enabling downloads of the latest news, music and entertainment content at broadband-like speeds. Key features include the access to Sprint’s Music Store for quick and easy over-the-air downloads, Sprint TV with live programming, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Sprint PCS Picture and Video Mail, a microSD™ card slot for memory expansion, and a VGA camera/ camcorder.
Also launched will be Sprint Movies, the first "pay-per-view" service for mobile phones in the U.S. that streams full-length movies, including recent box-office hits and timeless favorites from Buena Vista VOD, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Sprint Movies offers a growing list of more than 45 titles, including "National Treasure," "Spider-Man 2" and "Scarface."

Sprint Motorola KRZR K1m Now Available

you are Crazy about the KRZR and forgive Motorola for playing havoc with the English language, then perk up as the KRZR K1m will soon debut on the Sprint Network. So looks like Verizon won't be the only to have the K1m. The Sprint version will have a different UI and color scheme, making it stand out from the crowd. Those who like to be tied to Sprint for a year, can get the K1m for $200. For the Commitment Phobic Folks out there, the K1m can be yours for $399 sans a contract. For more info visit Sprint

Motorola M702iG FOMA Phone Gets FCC Nod

Motorola's FOMA M702iG cell phone has just got approval from the FCC. Now, we don't know if it will ever hit the US shores, but hey, it's cool to know some of the wonders of the advanced worlds. The M702iG is geared up for mobile internet and offers a full-featured email client.
FOMA, which stands for Freedom of Mobile databox Access, is based on W-CDMA standards, so you can imagine blazing speeds when accessing data on the cell phone. The phone also supports video calling. A 2-megapixel camera is available on the phone.
Other features on the M702iG include Bluetooth, IR and support for microSD memory cards. English-Japanese dictionaries are available on the phone. No word on pricing or availability. It will be offered to DoCoMo customers.

Motorola T305 Portable Bluetooth Car Kit

If you have a busy life and been driving a lot most of the time then I guess Motorola has saved your day. Introducing the Motorola Portable Bluetooth Car Kit T305 where you can enjoy effortless and affordable wireless connectivity. It provides easy and wireless conversations in the car while keeping your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.
It's actually a Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology hands-free system which is easy to set up with EasyPair. It features an echo and noise reduction technology which means you will be able to talk and hear smoothly even in the noisiest environment, loud sound optimized for the vehicle with 1-watt speakerphone output and mini USB for easy charging. You can activate voice dialing, answer/end calls with a flick of a button.
Motorola T305 has an outstanding operation life of 12 hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby time. The package will come with visor clip and vehicle power adaptor. The Motorola Portable Bluetooth Car Kit T305 is expected to be available in the second half of 2006. No words on the pricing yet

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Специално издание на Motorola KRZR

Спокойно можем да наречем KRZR най-стилния телефон на Motorola в момента. Преди не повече от месец от компанията представиха два нови цвята на модела - черен и кварцовосребрист. И докато всички си мислеха, че това ще са изненадите на американската компания за Коледа, от Motorola пускат KRZR Fire. Както би трябвало да подсказва името, този път цветът е червен, но не обикновено червено, а металик. Освен върху корпуса, новият цвят се забелязва и в подсветката на клавиатурата, която преди беше синя. Останалите характеристики на KRZR не са променени. За съжаление в момента Fire се продава в Корея, но очакваме в близко бъдеще да се появи и в останалите части на света.

Motorola получает награду Ассоциации стандартизации IEEE.

Компания Motorola сообщила о том, что Ассоциация стандартизации IEEE (IEEE-SA) присудила ей свою ежегодную корпоративную награду "за выдающийся вклад в разработку стандартов IEEE, обеспечивающих мобильность и связь между людьми во всех странах мира".
Корпоративная награда IEEE-SA ежегодно присуждается одной из организаций–участников за выдающиеся лидерские качества и вклад в работу Ассоциации стандартизации IEEE. Благодаря активной поддержке со стороны компании Motorola, Ассоциация стандартизации IEEE смогла решить множество стратегически важных задач, таких как создание своей корпоративной программы и укрепление сотрудничества с организациями по стандартам в других странах мира.
"Этой наградой мы отмечаем последовательную политику сотрудничества компании Motorola с IEEE-SA в деле разработки стандартов на различные электронные компоненты, устройства и системы,— заявила Джуди Горман (Judy Gorman), директор–распорядитель IEEE-SA,— Многие из этих стандартов открыли рынки для новых разработок, радикальным образом изменивших жизнь людей и давших им возможность оставаться на связи, где бы они ни были".

сряда, 13 декември 2006 г.

Verizon launches Black MotoQ

Verizon Wireless has officially launched the Black Motorola Q. The Motorola Q is the thin smartphone that offers dualmode CDMA wih 1x/EV-DO, stereo Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera, stereo speakers and a miniSD memory card slot.

The Black Q is now available for $199.99 after dscounts or $149.99 on data and voice plan over $79.99.

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Motorola Unites With Bono

Motorola Unites With Bono, Bobby Shriver... - video powered by Metacafe

Motorola resorts to reverse domain hijacking of motorazr.com

Think back to May 2004, when Motorola launched the first RAZR phone. Do you recall the company ever using the name or term MOTORAZR? I sure don’t, and that is because they hadn’t.
To make a long story short, Motorola is trying to use a legal tactic to take away what is rightfully ours – the mobile phone news site .
Motorazr.com was registered on July 28, 2004, after which it was immediately put into use as a news service and community website. Motorazr.com had already been providing news to the mobile community for two years, when without any prior notifications Motorola’s lawyers sent a Cease & Desist Order on August 31, 2006.
Motorola makes the following claims in their C&D Order: First, that is identical or confusingly similar to a trademark to which they have the rights. Second, that we don’t have the rights to, or a legitimate interest in the domain name. And third, that the domain name was registered in bad faith and is being used in bad faith.
In hope of explaining the legitimacy of the motorazr.com site, I had a brief discussion with Motorola’s lawyer, Julie P. Setren; unfortunately, we could not reach an understanding. Ms. Setren initially requested that I redirect the site to any domain name other than motorazr.com, and I said no, because I legitimately own and use the site. Then she offered money, asking “how about $1,500 (the cost of going through arbitration) for the domain?” I said “no thank you, the website isn’t for sale.” I ended the conversation by telling Ms. Setren that the motorazr.com site will stay up and running unless I’m ordered by law to take it down. That’s when Motorola brought in the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Arbitration and Mediation Center (the Center).
Let me sum up Motorola’s complaint and my response – in case you don’t want to read through all the legal mumble jumbo.
Motorola claims that we infringed upon their Trademark. This trademark did not exist until their initial filing date of June 28, 2005, and it was not awarded to them until November 11, 2006. With those dates in mind, and knowing that we created motorazr.com in July, 28, 2004, how could our site infringe upon a mark that was non-existent nearly 11 months before, when the site was first created?
Today, December 6, 2006 is the absolute last day for us to send in our response. In that response, I break down each of the points Motorola raised and defend our rights to the domain . I’ve sent in our response and I’ve also decided that today is the day I will make this story public.
I have tried to be courteous and professional with Ms. Setren when contacted, but in return she has been both rude and unprofessional. I’ve heard numerous stories where large companies will bully smaller companies and get away with it, but I never expected to be in that position. All we can do now is wait for the arbitrator to come back with a verdict.With that said, I’m very curious to read your thoughts on the matter. Read More...


Νέα έκδοση του εξαιρετικού προγράμματος P2KCommander από τον s5vi!Μας δίνει πρόσβαση σε όλους τους φακέλους και τα αρχεία του κινητού μας.Εκτός αυτού,μπορούμε να τα επεξεργαστούμε (πχ,μπορούμε να περάσουμε skins,να αλλάξουμε cl.gif κτλ) !

Deal: CompUSA Motorola Bluetooth Headsets Free After Rebate

This week, CompUSA is offering the H300 and HS805 in their stores for free after mail-in rebate. The H300 and HS805 are both based on a AAA battery design for easier power supply. Both are only available in-stores, but you can check inventory using the product pages below.

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Не детские! / 3D Камасутра

176x220JAR (93.83 KB)JAD (0.3 KB)
Не детские!
Полностью трехмерная анимированная Камасутра. Это означает, что вы сможете выбирать любую из 27 популярных поз и рассматривать ее с любой стороны. 3D Real Kamasutra открывает перед зрителем целый мир сексуальности! Древнее искусство любви берет на вооружение современные технологии — справочник позволяет вращать камеру под любым углом, приближать и удалять изображения, чтобы рассмотреть все подробности в самых мельчайших деталях. Постигайте древнее искусство любви, чтобы овладеть тайнами страстного секса и доставить своей девушке максимум наслаждения.

Обзор GSM-телефона Motorola MOTORIZR Z3

В Motorola очень долго готовились к запуску первого слайдера, вначале он появился в Корее, а GSM-версия только выходит на европейский и американский рынок. Игнорирование форм-фактора слайдера было не случайным, в компании пытались создать продукт, который отличался бы от других решений, представленных на рынке. Отчего в качестве ориентира и основного соперника была принята компания Nokia – лично мне не понятно, слайдеры финского производителя единичны, не отличаются особенными решениями, производитель также только пробует свои силы на этом рынке. Опыт Samsung принимался во внимание, но скорее с технической стороны. В Motorola пытались повторить успех RAZR, создать решение, которое задаст тон в своем сегменте, станет эталоном. Отсюда вытекают и слова, которые неоднократно произносили топ-менеджеры Motorola, что слайдер компании покажет, какими должны быть такие продукты. Из их же полунамеков становилось ясным, что упор в этом продукте будет сделан на дизайн, в частности, тема «тонкого» аппарата будет развиваться и в этом направлении. Продукт обрастал слухами, но реальность оказалась в чем-то обыденной, ставка на «тонкое» решение и медленная скорость инноваций в интерфейсе, появлении новых функций – отличительная черта сегодняшней политики Motorola. В отсутствие конкурентов такие продукты были бы востребованы рынком, как Motorola RAZR в момент выхода, но другие компании не отдыхали. Выход на рынок семейства Ultra от Samsung похоронил планы Motorola на первенство и приоритет в выпуске «тонких» решений. Причем компанию обыграли на ее же поле как по габаритам продуктов, их толщине, так и по функциональности. Выйди MOTORIZR Z3 на 6-8 месяцев раньше, и он стал бы первым аппаратом такого класса, сегодня же это хорошее, но отнюдь не ударное предложение от Motorola. Слишком затянули с выходом этого аппарата.