петък, 22 юни 2007 г.

Живые" фотографии Motorola SCPL

Ресурс Boy Genius Report опубликовал "живые" снимки нового телефона Motorola SCPL. По сообщению источника, это очень тонкая модель, ее толщина даже меньше, чем у RAZR 2. Из характеристик аппарата известны: дисплей с разрешением 240х320 точек, отображающий, возможно, 16М цветов, 2-Мп камера с функцией записи видео, порт microUSB. По поводу слота для карт памяти полной ясности нет: его не видно, но в корпусе имеется ниша, куда он может быть установлен. Также заявлено, что новинка работает в сетях GSM/EDGE четырех частотных диапазонов и базируется на платформе JUIX (она сочетает в себе Linux и Java).

четвъртък, 21 юни 2007 г.

Motorola Q9m live and in the flesh - first pics of the 'Nelson'!

We've been expecting the CDMA Motorola Q9m and it has finally shown itself, in the flesh. Boy Genius got the scoop and posted some beautifully slick photos of the CDMA successor to the Moto Q. Unlike the Moto Q9h, which is a GSM phone, the Moto Q9m (formerly known to us as the "Nelson") goes back the the original Q's CDMA roots. It seems the Motorola Q9m has picked Verizon as its debut-carrier - and as such, this beauty's clad in elegant red to accent its black, rubberized body.

The Moto Q9m sports a miniUSB port, miniSD slot, and the a scroll wheel! That's right, the scroll wheel that was so missed on the Moto Q9h has made a return on it's CDMA-brother. But, it seems there's only a 1.3 megapixel shooter, instead of the 2MP cam that we were expecting.

Still no word on the release date or price point, but you can be sure that we'll get you the goods as soon as we know for sure!

Motorola may be prepping upgraded Motorola A1200 Ming for US

Ahh, Motorola, we can always count on you to wring the last bit of equity out of your mobile phones. The struggling handset manufacturing-giant may be geting ready to push a new, 3G (HSDPA) version of the aging Motorola A1200 Ming (MOTOMING) - with US-friendly frequencies. According to one of Boy Genius's "reliable sources" the updated A1200 Ming will sport new menu animation and the 2 megapixel camera's video resolution bumped up to CIF (from QCIF).

It's worth noting that the MOTOMING was demonstrated a the same event that birthed the new Moto RAZR2. And, AT&T had been eye-ing the Moto A1200 Ming back when it was still Cingular - but backed out for unknown reasons. Maybe they were holding out for the 3G version?

We're not sure when it will launch (or even if it will launch), but keep checkin' back for updates on this, um, MOTOMING update.