събота, 16 декември 2006 г.

Sprint Announces Upcoming Availability of MOTOKRZR™, MOTORAZR™ AND MOTOSLVR™

Sprint mobile phone carrier has long been on the forefront of supporting diverse options for its subscribers. Now Sprint has announced the upcoming availability of the MOTOKRZR™, MOTORAZR™ AND MOTOSLVR™ Motorola phones with Advanced Power Vision Capabilities on its network. Sprint will be the only carrier to offer Motorola's popular trio of devices on a high-speed EVDO network with exclusive content and live television with broadband speeds.
Selected phones will operate on Sprint's Power Vision(SM) Network enabling downloads of the latest news, music and entertainment content at broadband-like speeds. Key features include the access to Sprint’s Music Store for quick and easy over-the-air downloads, Sprint TV with live programming, Bluetooth® wireless technology, Sprint PCS Picture and Video Mail, a microSD™ card slot for memory expansion, and a VGA camera/ camcorder.
Also launched will be Sprint Movies, the first "pay-per-view" service for mobile phones in the U.S. that streams full-length movies, including recent box-office hits and timeless favorites from Buena Vista VOD, Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Universal Pictures. Sprint Movies offers a growing list of more than 45 titles, including "National Treasure," "Spider-Man 2" and "Scarface."