събота, 2 декември 2006 г.

Motorola V3XX Coming To Cingular

The FCC has approved a version of Motorola's 3G RAZR, the V3XX today with specific references to Cingular in the User Manual. The model that was approved has a quad-band GSM/EDGE with 850/1900 WCDMA, also indicating it is bound for Cingular. In addition the V3XX has a 1.3 megapixel camera, MicroSD slot, stereo Blueooth, and support for streaming audio and video. However there is no mention of Cingular's new music syncing service. Surprisingly, the pictures and diagrams clearly show the phone has an internal camera for video calling, but the manual does not mention the camera or video calling at all. Cingular has not officially announced the RAZR V3XX, so there is no price or release date for this phone yet.