понеделник, 20 ноември 2006 г.

Motorola ROKR E3 details

We just got some information about Motorola ROKR E3 - the forthcoming successor of the not yet released ROKR E2. A month ago, when we first saw photos of Motorola E3 on the web, we were skeptical - we thought the phone on the pictures is more like an unsuccessful prototype of the E2. Now it's sure- the phone with the controversial design and fake scroll wheel is really the next ROKR.
The main difference is the dual 3G support - the phone will work in the 3G networks in Europe and USA (UMTS 1900 + WCDMA 2100). The Motorola E3 also works with the standard GSM bands - 900/1800/1900, along with GPRS and EDGE. Front mounted video call camera comes with the 3G support. The phone has increased capacity of the internal memory - 512 MB, which additionally can be expanded with miniSD cards (ROKR E2 supports SD cards). It's strange that the prototype does not have FM radio, but this feature may be added later in the development process. The dimensions of ROKR E3 are 109 x 53 x 21 mm and the weight is about 130 g. The user interface doesn't look different than the one in the predecessor, the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and the miniUSB port are also present.