сряда, 22 ноември 2006 г.

i880 by Motorola now official

Motorolo i880 got the official release recently. The main featues include a 2.0 MP camera, music player, GPS, bluetooth, and a walkie talkie service.The other features include pre-installed and downloadable Java applications, internet microbrowser, custom ring tone ID and picture caller ID, a 262K internal color screen, voice dialing, voice recorder, speakerphone, datebook and 600-entry contacts list. In addition, the i880 by Motorola contains AgION® antimicrobial coating to help protect the phone’s painted surfaces from damaging bacteria.
Also Motorola i880 supports audio podcasts which can be stored on an optional memory card. Of course you’ll need the optional memory card reader and podcatcher software required for saving to memory card.
The i880 by Motorola is available through Sprint and Nextel $500 or $300 with $50 rebate and a two-year service agreement.