четвъртък, 13 декември 2007 г.

apristel's new premodded monsterpack.

.17r Firmware
10mb + freespace
Old School Phone Ringer
No Pictures (except 1 wallpaper)
No Moto Skin
No Java apps
Customized Phonebook (picture view) icons
Customized Blue Glossy DRM
Customized White Symbian Skin
Customized cl.gif
12 icon menu support
LP001 - US English
JAL Enabled
Engineering Menu Enabled
Video Color Styles Enabled
Long Video Record Enabled (records in .mp4 format)
All Lights Enabled club / event / ring
Bluetooth Charging Light
BoldPIX - DXFactor font
Adjusted gaintable (speakerphone+ear piece increased, annoying sidekey beep killed)
Speakerphone w/flip closed
Websessions for US T-Mobile and US Cingular Installed
ENS Enabled (for Cingular users)
Makes you 9 1/2 times cooler mod
SMS saved to the phone

Credit to the maker of the original white symbian skin, dxfactor for the font, alexander gram bell for the ringtone, me for being a nerd.
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