петък, 12 януари 2007 г.

Motorola Z6 Super Slider Phone

Just when I was praising the Lord for Motorola not releasing yet another RAZR Lookalike handset, what do the good folks at Moto do? They release yet another RAZR inspired phone! This time its the Motorola Z6 which also continues Motorola's tradition for playing havoc with the English vocabulary!
Jokes apart, the MOTORIZR Motorola Z6 is quite sexy and is ideal for the audiophiles out there. Thus one comes across features like; Windows Media Player 11, support for a number of audio formats (including Janus DRM, AAC+, and AMR NB), microSD expansion slot, and USB for high speed data transfers.
The Motorola Z6 will also appeal to all the ladies out there (hey I'm already hooked) with its chic slider design and a mirror-like finish. Yes there is a 2 megapixel camera with video too and expect the phone to debut anytime in the first half of this year.