сряда, 5 декември 2007 г.

AT&T prepping Motorola Q9 with WiFi?

Sure, HSDPA is great and all for on-th-go web-surfing, but with AT&T’s spotty 3G coverage, it’s not always the ideal option for getting your internet-fix. Unfortunately, AT&T isn’t to keen on giving its customers any WiFi connectivity that could drain the company’s coffers of data-revenue. Or are they? With the) holding up the WiFi-tip for the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional-camp, we’ve got reason to believe that AT&T is working on bringing WiFi to the WinMo 6.0 Standard masses.

Boy Genius got his hands on this AT&T-branded Motorola Q9 with WiFi clearly up and running. Is AT&T planning to put this WiFi-toting Motorola Q9 into production? Or is this some sort of cruel-joke from Big Blue? We’re hoping its the former rather than the latter. Oh, and what about all current Moto Q9 handsets already out in the wild? Are they just a firmware update away from getting their dormant WiFi hardware enabled?

Suffice it to say, this image of a Motorola Q9 with WiFi poses more questions than it answers.