вторник, 27 ноември 2007 г.

Motorola RIZR Z6c clears FCC, headed towards Verizon

Talk about a truly global-capable phone. The Motorola RIZR Z6c has just gotten the green-light from the FCC, and should be bringing all that GSM and CDMA goodness to Verizon’s network sometime soon. GSM and CDMA on Verizon’s network? Did Verizon launch some sort of undercover GSM network while we weren’t looking? Not a chance. Verizon’s more than happy with their CDMA stance in the US wireless landscape, but with most of the world using GSM technology, it makes sense for Verizon to bring a world phone on board with the ability to surf those GSM airwaves abroad.

The Motorola RIZR Z6c slider (as the name would suggest) will be rocking the same 2 megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth, microSD card slot, and QVGA display from its MediaFLO and VCAST TV sporting sibling - the. Verizon will be adding the Moto RIZR Z6c to its “World Edition” stable (alongside the recently released - the dual-band CDMA radio with EVDO and dual-band 900/1800 MHz GSM radio ensures that the Motorola RIZR Z6c “World Edition” will be comfortable in pretty much any country on this planet.

We’re not sure when this thing’s going to go live on Verizon’s network. But, with the holiday season rapidly coming to a close, this might expedite the Motorola RIZR Z6c’s launch. With that cool-looking, embossed rear (it’s all about the little details), we can’t wait to get our hands on this thing.