сряда, 8 август 2007 г.

Motorola embraces Mobile Linux with new MOTOMAGX platform

Motorola has announced their commitment to the Mobile Linux platform with release of the new MOTOMAGX platform. The new platform aims to build on the prior success of Motorola’s use of Mobile Linux to bring us “new levels of openness, flexibility and support for third-party applications on Motorola mobile devices.”

The first handsets to utilize the MOTOMAGX platform are the MOTOROKR Z6 and the Motorola RAZR2 V8. With Motorola’s plan to implement the MOTOMAGX platform in 60% of their upcoming handsets, we should see some significant innovation and media development from the ailing handset manufacturing giant.

This could be just what Motorola needs to breathe new life into their limp handset division. Out biggest gripe with past Moto phones has been the drab and incredibly counter-intuitive user interface, so Moto’s revamped drive to use Mobile Linux seems like a promising start.

We’ll see if MOTOMAGX is enough to keep this once-behemoth from becoming another sideline spectator in the mobile game.