петък, 16 февруари 2007 г.

Motorola MOTOSLVR L9

Motorola's MOTOSLVR gets a new stylish look with its release of the Motorola L9. With its sleek design, mirrored finish and glossy black keypad, this phone will catch your eye. The L9 comes complete with FM radio, Bluetooth wireless technology, 2MP camera w/ 8x zoom and video capture, and microSD removable memory. There is max memory storage of 2GB with its 20MB onboard memory and expandable microSD card, which provides plenty of room for ringtones, games, pics, videos, and more to suit your entertainment needs. GRPS and EDGE technologies allow for fast downloads and video streaming. The Motorola L9 features CrystalTalk™ audio technology which allows for crystal clear conversations in noisy enviroments. Expect to see this amazing phone sometime in the second quarter of 2007.