неделя, 28 януари 2007 г.

Motorola Buzz ic502 and Blend ic402 Phones Announced by Sprint

Today Sprint officially announced the nationwide availability of its new PowerSource phones - the Motorola Buzz ic502 and the Motorola Blend ic402. An industry first, these phones represent a new category of handsets that utilize the Nextel National Network (iDEN) for walkie-talkie services and the Sprint Nationwide Network (CDMA) for voice and data services. Bringing together the strength of both networks, Sprint customers now have the power to make voice calls; communicate instantly with Nextel Walkie-Talkie services; and stay connected with Sprint Text Messaging, GPS and other advanced applications, all with one single phone.
The Buzz and Blend will us both of Sprint's networks depending upon the service being used.Walkie-talkie services will operate on the Nextel National Network (iDEN), while voice and data services will utilize the Spring Nationwide Network (CDMA). Both the Buzz and the Blend feature SMS text messaging, and have GPS enabled for navigation, including support for TeleNav.
Motorola Buzz ic502 - The Buzzis a clamshell form professional-grade phone that is certified to military specification 810F for dust, shock, and vibration. It's a rugged, durable phone that weights just 4.1 ounces. It has a color screen and external display, and is currently available in black. Later this year, the phone will also be available in Indian blue/sterling silver. This phone is sold for a suggested retail price of $249.99, which can be obtained for as low as $59.99 with a two-year contract and $40 mail in rebate.
Motorola Blend ic402 - The Blend is a another option for customers who want an innovative phone in a small package. It is stylish, and very functional. It is available in metallic grey, and features a color screen. This phone is available at a suggested retail price of $229.99, or as low as $39.99 with a two-year contract and a $40 mail-in rebate.