четвъртък, 21 декември 2006 г.

Battle of the KRZR's in Canada

Alright yes we have officially hit battle of the KRZR's in Canada. Now that every top Wireless carrier has it, Including Rogers, Bell and Telus. Who's missing out? Fido but who knows that could change next year.

Everyone has there KRZR at the same price point of $199.99 on three year contract (with the expectation of Bell saving you a whole 5 cents). So you’re probably wondering what makes these three KRZR's different? Well the biggest difference to start with is that the KRZR K1 offered by Rogers Wireless sports a 2 megapixel camera and comes in a Blue colour; however it looses the external touch sensitive media keys. The KRZR K1m offered by both Bell and Telus comes in a slick Silver/Charcoal colour but features a 1.3 megapixel camera and has external touch sensitive media keys to control your music.

Now it’s down to the two KRZR K1m's. The Telus KRZR supports French menus where Bell's doesn't. As well it supports XM radio where Bell doesn't offer it. In Bell's defense they are planning a software upgrade in April 2007 that you can register for which might make way for new features.

So basically everyone is going to be pushing the KRZR as the next RAZR series and in time we may even see different colour variants and price drops but for now you just need to decide what you’re looking for more music or more camera.